Friday November 11th, 2011

Even though it was gloomy today and a bit cold, a walk in the park was necessary. After all, the trees are starting to be denuded of all their leaves, so if I wanted to catch up all the colors before it’s too late now is the time.

Besides, what a better way to enjoy a day off than to have a relaxing walk in the park? But the odd thing is that even if it was a day off here in France, a lot of the shops were open. Weird isn’t it? Especially in a country where holidays are sacred; they were probably starting to understand the “work more you get paid more” motto of their president 😛

It was the memorial of the 1918 Armistice with Germany today. President Nicolas Sarkozy announced in his big speech during the ceremony that a new law will be put in place where all the names of all the people that died for France in all the wars (starting from World War One, passing by all the wars outside of France like Indochina, Algeria, Afghanistan,…) will be added to the statues commemorating this wars in the different parts of France.

This made me think of the people that died for Lebanon. Where are they now? Who is remembering them? Their families, their mums, their friends, and that’s it. What did the country do to thank them? …

Think of all the people still missing also, if you want to forget the dead. Where are they? Who is remembering them? What is the country doing to find them or get them back (because most of these we all know where they are)? …

I know a name on a rock wouldn’t get them back, but it would be a start. It would mean that the country is appreciating the effort done. In Lebanon we have names on rocks; but it’s the names of the presidents under which mandates the wars ended or the independence got declared. It seems that we think that the big people sitting on their big chairs doing big speeches are more important than the people who did the important job to get things moving.

What do you think? Should the same thing be done in Lebanon? Do you think there is another way to be thankful for the martyrs (the real ones, not the ones passing by in their cars and killed by accident :P)?

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy the day off with us, relax and forget about the dead and the wars for a bit 🙂

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Friday November 11th, 2011”
  1. TheFriend says:

    Allow me to take a zen-green-tea attitude, just this once, and say: how about, instead of erecting memorials with names of those who fell in combat, we stop sending people to wars in the first place?
    My two-cents for the day … 😛

    • I agree for when the war is on another land for a cause which is not ours to defend.
      But when the war is on your land, you can’t stop telling people to fight for their country. In this case you need to remember them with something.

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