Wednesday November 16th, 2011

There’s a very big French movie in theaters now, it’s a comedy, it’s been playing for two weeks now, and it’s still on top of the charts; it’s called “Intouchables”.

We went to see it on Saturday; the movie is still shown in the 1st room since it’s the biggest one and there are a lot of people who want to see it.

People waiting to go in and watch "Intouchables"

It’s not visible in the picture, but people were standing in line waiting to go into the theater. There was no line draw on the floor, no line made from those blue strings they use in the airports, but people were forming a line anyway.

You could come from anywhere and just wait your turn, but no, people just came and stood at the end of the line; as if they were back at school and the teacher was yelling “stand in line to go into class!”

Where do you see this in Lebanon? No where!

People don’t know what a line is; they are so impatient, they always want to come in first as if somebody was chasing them. Even if there’s a line drawn on the floor, even if there’s a line made from those blue strings they use in the airports, people don’t know how to stand behind you. They have to come and stand next to you so that they can jump in before you. At some point the line becomes horizontal and not vertical because everybody is standing next to everybody 😛

When there was a war and people had to form a line at the baker’s shop to get bread to feed their kids, I would understand: they’re in a hurry, the bombs are falling all over the place, their kids are hungry, and they want to get their share of the food before the baker runs out of flour.

But now what’s the excuse? Why do they want to jump in before everybody else to get a movie ticket, or to do their bank operations, or for any other operation? What’s the point of being rude? Because this is a sign of rudeness! Where does it lead them? I don’t know. Do they feel satisfied at the end of the day? They feel they did something great? “Hey honey, guess what I did today! I jumped in front of an old lady at the florist and I got you a dozen of your favorite roses!” “Oh honey you’re my hero!”

What a joke! I never could figure out the point of this. If anybody does I would appreciate the enlightenment 🙂

In the mean time, I will enjoy standing in line while I’m here in France. Maybe I will learn a few tricks on how to impose order 😛

See you tomorrow!

PS: the movie is great you should watch it 🙂


3 Responses to “Wednesday November 16th, 2011”
  1. Magnesium says:

    Good that you finally mentionned that he movie was great 🙂

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