Friday November 18th, 2011

I’m sorry I did not write to you yesterday, I was busy preparing today’s lunch 🙂

This made me notice that I didn’t show you any of this week’s dishes. So here you go… for your eyes only …unfortunately for you 😛

Wednesday's lunch: Chicken with mustard and honey (Francois did not like it too much, I did)

Thursday's lunch (back to the roots :P): omelette with ham and mushroom

Last but not least: today's amazing Pizza (done from A to Z by me :D)

Usually I’m a person who likes cold, rain, and everything related to winter. Even though I nagged a lot about this ever since I got here, but the truth is that right now I am enjoying the weather; I’m cold, that’s true, but cold it always better than heat 🙂 (besides, winter clothes are much nicer :P)

When I was back in Lebanon, I used to nag (but daily this time) about the lack of rain. With global warming, water showering on us has been more and infrequent in the last years. So I used to miss it a lot and was always happy on the rainy days.

But believe it or not, we’re now passed half November, and it’s been raining in Beirut as much as it rained during the whole winter last year! I’m starting to think it’s my fault 😦 I think Lebanese rain does not like me 😦 it waited for me to leave to start getting crazy and partying with all my friends and family 😦 I guess I have to stop nagging and be happy with the cold in France…at least I get to wear all the big sweaters I did not get to wear last year in Lebanon 😛

 We’re going to Paris tomorrow morning (for the last time in 2011), so I might not be able to write to you tomorrow; but I will make sure to tell you all about our week end in the capital on Sunday.

See you (after) tomorrow!

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