Sunday November 20th, 2011

We just came from Paris. This time we went by car, so we’re more tired than usually.

The road is not that long, but when you’re driving it’s different that when you’re sitting comfortably in a train reading a book or looking at the landscape.

Fog on saturday morning when we were leaving Croix

Fog drove with us until we got to Paris

I drove on our way there; this was an experience by itself 😛

Driving on the highway in France is different than driving on the highway in Lebanon. How? I will explain.

First of all in here there are a lot of rules that we don’t have in my home country (maybe we do, but we don’t use them :P). For example, when you want to move from one lane to the other, you have to put your turn signal on. So you do not have the risk of having a car jump in front of you out of nowhere; if a car wants to come on the lane where you are, you will know it because the small yellow light will be on.

Second, in here the left lane is restricted for emergencies, or people driving faster than the others. In fact the speed changes from one lane to the other: the people driving the slower should be on the right, and the ones driving the faster should be on the left. This rule we have it in Lebanon, but no one applies it J For some reason Lebanese all want to drive on the left. Whether it’s a guy enjoying a romantic ride with his girlfriend, an old guy driving his old car, or an employee going to the office; they all drive on the left lane. The people driving faster than the others don’t drive on a single lane; they just come and go between the cars as if doing a “driving slalom”. Since no one respects the speeding limit and the lane’s rules, this was the only way found for people driving faster than the others. And thus in Lebanon you have to have a fast reflex when driving, because when a car wants to come on the lane where you are, you won’t see the small yellow light on, you will just see the car suddenly in front of you 🙂

You’re going to think that it’s good that we’re driving in France, we’ll take the good habits with us when we go back. Are you joking? How will one survive in the jungle if they don’t act like the wild animals? 🙂 Let someone else bring in the good habits 😛

See you tomorrow!


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