Wednesday November 23rd, 2011

Have you ever noticed the cultural melting pot we’re living in nowadays? I already spoke about this on Sunday when I talked to you about our week end in Paris, but I can talk about this everyday because there are a lot of topics on the subject.

Part of the cultural internationalization, is the mix of languages: In English we have some French words in their vocabulary (café, rendezvous, etc…), in Lebanese we use a lot of French (Bonjour, Merci, etc…) and English words (Hi, sorry, …) and in French they now have some English words (interview, week-end, etc…). All these appeared mainly in the last decade, and they are used daily, and integrated into these languages’ dictionaries (except for Lebanese since we don’t have a dictionary, it’s still a dialect; but these words are perfectly integrated in our daily conversations :).)

And speaking of language mix, something funny happened with me yesterday while I was shopping.

I was speaking to one of the sales ladies, and she was telling me where the shop has other branches and she said that the branch in Brussels has a “ôme” section (just an explanation for those of you who don’t know French: the word “Homme” (pronounced “ome”) in French means man.) So I told the lady “Oh! You sell cloths for men also?” She said “yes we do, but we also have a “ôme” section”. And it’s only when she clarified this, and showed me the lamps samples they sell in this section, that I understood that the lady was actually saying the word “home” but without pronouncing the “h” since in French they usually don’t pronounce it!! I fell so ashamed of myself; I’m glad the lady was really nice and didn’t pay attention to the confusion I did :S Or she probably did but she laughed about it with her colleague after I left 😛

Do you have funny stories or incidents that happened with you while you were travelling? I would love to hear about them!

Another aspect of the cultural melting pot is the food. Even though we’re living in France, we had our beloved Lebanese kebbeh today 🙂

Kibbeh filled with onions and cooked in the oven (delicious!)

Hommos (mashed chick peas) (100% Lebanese dish; whoever tells you different is wrong!)

See you tomorrow!

5 Responses to “Wednesday November 23rd, 2011”
  1. Yummy! One of my best friends is Lebanese and I miss her cooking. Yours looks awesome.

  2. TheFriend says:

    At the risk of sounding a bit nerdy,

    My most recent experience with a badly pronounced English word by a Frenchman was at work when Thierry, a colleague, started telling me about a java code snippet he wrote that deals with “sreed” (I wrote it how he pronounced it, similar to “breed”). It took be a while before realizing he was talking about threads. 😛

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