Sunday November 27th, 2011

How do you spend you Sundays usually?

I know that our Sundays in France are a lot different than what we used to have in Lebanon (or what we’ll probably have when we’ll get back).

In here Sundays are mainly at home: wake up late, do some cleaning, some cooking, catch up on the books we’re reading, etc… Most importantly this is the only day in the week where we don’t have to rush to do anything. We just take it easy, and relax… no pressure, no list of 100 items to finish before the stores close at 7, nothing… just Francois and I, sitting at home, enjoying our cotton year while it lasts, enjoying the calm while we have it.

What would a normal Sunday look like in Lebanon? Wake up (try as much as possible to make it early and yet still enjoy some sleep because all what I wrote before have to be all done in the morning), get dressed and go have lunch with the family. At night, either come back home exhausted from all the food you ate and prepare for work the next day, or go out and see some friends (and possibly also get some more food).

You see the difference? But the problem is that personally I love both ways of spending my Sunday 😦 Time with the family is important, you might not cherish the bond in the country where you’re living in, but in Lebanon we do. Family comes first in everything, no body (or at least very rare) doesn’t have a family; whether it’s your parents, your uncles, your very close friends, all these are people you constantly see and you share your problems and laughter’s with. So spending your one day holiday of the week with them is a way of saying: you guys make me forget my trouble at work and I appreciate that.

But yet again, we only have one day holiday per week…how do you tell your body: you have worked for 6 days and I appreciate that, I will let you rest now? It doesn’t work like that I suppose 😦

How to get relaxed and still spend some quality time with your family? It’s very difficult. If you figured it out I would love some hints 😀


Neighbour's cat came to spend sunday morning with us 😛


See you tomorrow!

4 Responses to “Sunday November 27th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    Sunday evening movies!! no food:P
    We saw the immortals last night, finally back to track:)

  2. Magnesium says:

    Perfect sunday?
    8AM to 10AM sport-exercise
    10AM to 1PM householding
    1PM to 3PM family lunch
    3PM to 5PM sieste (optional, only in case you complain waking up @8AM)
    5PM to 8PM reading
    8PM to midnight movie plus drink

    • tania says:

      You don’t have to wake up at 8 to exercise, householding is sport alone and 3 hours to that, so we can remove the sieste part and go for a friend’s visit or shopping:P

    • This will work if you luckily have one family in each country (as you do), so you are not obliged to go see both of them each sunday orelse they will get upset.
      But in our case I guess we can omit siesta and go visit the second family, that will work.

      However, we have to remember that in Lebanon usually a Sunday lunch takes from 1 till 5 😛 so you will need to skip reading.

      so here is how I would see my perfect sunday:
      8-10: reading
      10-1: householding
      1-5: lunch (may include a 30-min nap)
      5-8:family visit

      I think this should make everybody happy.

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