Wednesday November 30th, 2011

There’s a known fact in Lebanon: December is both the worst and the best month of the year. It’s the best because of the holidays at the end, all the decorations on the streets, the happy kids, and the joyful spirit all around.

It’s also the worst because of all the traffic… Too much cars on the streets, too much people in the malls, all the expats coming home for the holiday, it all makes you swear and just wish the month would be over soon.

We discovered today that it’s the same in France.

We’re used to go to Lille in the middle of the week around 7pm when people are just finishing work, but even with this it takes us 20 minutes top. Tonight it took us double the time; we almost missed our movie! It’s true we still have one day till December, but with the Christmas fair that has started two weeks ago, in addition to the holiday preparations, entering the city was almost hell. We tried to take a few pictures for you, but it wasn’t easy with all the cars around us, and the cold outside 😛

It seems that we’ll have the longest holiday period of all time: we’ve been living it now since mid-November and in mid-December we’ll be going home to celebrate the festivities with our families. One month and half of Christmas (which also means one month and half of traffic)! Aren’t we lucky? 😛

See you tomorrow!


10 Responses to “Wednesday November 30th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    Lucky u:P If you don’t come home at Christmas it might help with reducing the traffic in LEB ahahahahahhaahah
    Misss uuuuuuuuuuuuu yallaaaaa

  2. Pamela says:

    It feels good to know that others suffer from traffic too 🙂

    • tania says:

      and pamela is… forgot what the word is in all languages, will let u know when i remember it:) the person who likes to see the others suffer as well:P

    • Your traffic is more fun than ours I can assure you: First we don’t have the suspense of having cars jumping in front of you out of a sudden. Second, we don’t have to stay awake during the whole time; we can just fall asleep and the car will drive by itself in a straight line.
      It’s just because people know what “lines” mean, they know that you’re supposed to drive between the white stripes on the road and not make sure the white line is always below your car. Where is the fun in that?!
      How can traffic be fun if you don’t practice your driving lessons everyday with cars around you?!
      I can assure you, these French don’t know how to fully enjoy life 😛

  3. Magnesium says:

    The perfect solution is not to drive.
    Stay at home, use internet for delivering good whiskies, cheese and wine and invite people to your place.
    Otherwise your holidays will be spoiled.

    • So true.
      Or another option would be to use the perfect public transportation we have in France, and enjoy it as much as we can before we go back to Lebanon where we don’t have this luxury 🙂

    • tania says:

      Egoiste Magnesium:P You stay home, but your friends will have to drive to come over!!!
      En plus, ne pense pas ke tu ne vas pas sortir this season:D au moins y a un resto ke je ve essayer avec vous ahahahah et il y a autre chose aussi ke tu dois faire et tu seras oblige de conduire:P

  4. Magnesium says:

    🙂 I’ll find a way to stay off the traffic
    Found the perfect restaurant in Paris, best-ever
    Heard from Luc about a couple of restos in Beirut don’t remember the name 🙂 I thought to myself, no worries tania will know them

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