Sunday December 4th, 2011

“Strasbourg, capitale de Noel”…Strasbourg, capital of Christmas.

That was this year’s Christmas fair’s logo in Strasbourg (I don’t know if previous years also), and they are right about it: If you want to enter the mood of the holiday, this is the place to be!

Because there are a lot of pictures (I haven’t had time to sort all of them yet), and a lot of stories to tell, I will divide our week end on several days.

So for today, Strasbourg part 1: lights and decorations 🙂

From the minute you set foot in the city, you’re enchanted by all the decoration and lights. Not a single street is left un-garlanded, not a single tree is left without wreath, and not a single square is left without a Christmas market on it (this will be left for part 2 :P).

As for the buildings and the shop windows…no words can describe the wonder and the vivid imagination behind all the creations! Each year a competition is held in the city for the most beautiful display. And I can assure you there are some amazing ones. I’m sure I did not take all of them, I missed a lot, because there was a lot to see! No need to look at the floor while you’re walking in Strasbourg, it’s up there that everything is happening! It’s on the walls and on the windows that all the real action is taking place! Which one do you think should win? 🙂

If your aim is to visit the city and its wonderful buildings and architecture, do not come between mid-November and the end of December. You will be so dazzled by the beauty of fair that you will forget about the poor dead people who worked for hundred years to come up with the wonderful buildings around you; you will just concentrate on the living people that worked for a few months to come up with the wonderful ornaments around you 🙂

Hope you will come back here for the remainder of the adventure!

See you tomorrow!

One Response to “Sunday December 4th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    laura.luz gagnera:) C bo strasbourg a noel:D nice pics!

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