Monday December 5th, 2011

When you’re walking in the streets of Strasbourg during the Christmas period, French won’t be the main language spoken in the streets, hot wine will be the main smell in the air, children won’t be the only ones enjoying the festivities, and rain and cold won’t prevent the tourists from doing their shopping.

Strasbourg part 2: the Christmas markets.

As I mentioned already yesterday, each square in Strasbourg had a market set in place. Most of them had all sorts of decorations and ornaments for your houses, toys for the kids, and different items displayed in colorful stands put in place just for the occasion and shaped as small traditional Alsatian houses. Other markets just had local and craftsman products.

But all of them gave a taste of the traditional food and drinks of the region. You’re cold? Nothing better than a cup of hot wine to warm you. You’re a child and can’t drink alcohol? No problem, you can have a cup of warm orange or apple juice. You’re hungry? You can enjoy a sweet or salty Bretzel depending on your taste, or even enjoy a chocolate waffle or crepe. These won’t do it for you? You want something heavier? No problem, you can enjoy an Alsatian sausage in a sandwich.

The point is that the markets were perfectly organized so that you don’t need to leave; you can spend all your day and night without needing anything, without needing to go somewhere else. And then if you’re tired, and want to take a break before you continue, you can have a seat in a church or a theater room and enjoy a choral singing Christmas carols, or a lady singing jazzy Christmas song. We spent one day in Strasbourg (I won’t count Friday night because we arrived late and didn’t do much then) and we didn’t get fed up once. We never had the impression of boredom of the fair because there were constantly new things to discover (whether on the streets or on the windows I showed you yesterday).

I’m so happy I had this experience for once in my life, and I sure hope I will have it again (maybe with my kids next time :)?)

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Monday December 5th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    Nice Sandoura!!! Je pense tu as pris en photo la ou g achete le nom de naya pr sa chambre:D
    Brings back nice memories:D Yalla encore kkes jours et vs serez la:P on ira a Afkart:P

  2. Magnesium says:

    Nice writing style. We feel the inspiration.

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