Tuesday December 6th, 2011

Since we had seen most of the fair on Saturday, we decided to leave Strasbourg on Sunday morning and pass by Luxembourg on our way back home. Since we’ll be driving by it anyway, we said to ourselves why not grab the opportunity and visit a new region.

So we left the beautiful city of Strasbourg as soon as we woke up, drove for two hours under the rain, and arrived to Luxembourg, the capital of the country officially called Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

This is one of the smallest countries in the world, with the highest GDP per capita, and one of the few tax havens we have around the globe. But all these you can read them in books, it’s not something you will notice when you’re walking in the street.

When you’re walking in the capital, you will notice another beautiful European city with its history, amazing architecture, a certain cachet, and… a Christmas Market (what a coincidence! :P)

Unfortunately we still had a long ride back home, and it was raining, so we just had lunch in the market, listened to cute kids singing carols in Luxembourgish and then left.

Just like in Strasbourg, the market in Luxembourg offered local products; in this case it was Fondue and Raclette! Usually these are meals you need to sit and take your time with, wait for the cheese to melt, go easy while eating them because they will just form a block in your stomach; but not for our neighbors the Luxembourgers. For them this is how fast food should be: prepare a big pan of melted cheese, put some in a box with some bread and you have your cheese fondue ready!  And it was good! One of the best I had! The other good side is that it gave us something to talk about other than the rain during our 4 hours ride 😛

See you tomorrow!

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