Saturday December 10th, 2011

We have finished our Christmas shopping today; we’re ready to fly home now 🙂

Actually we haven’t quite finished yet, we were so busy getting everybody else’s presents that we didn’t get time to think of ourselves. The truth is that I could have gotten Francois’ gift today, but something happened that prevented me from doing this.

At 5pm, we hadn’t had lunch yet and we were starving, so we decided to take a break, sit in a restaurant, have lunch and then we’ll separate, I will go get the present and go back home alone to hide it. That was the plan, but fate does not believe in plans apparently 😛

Even though usually 5pm is not a normal time for French to have lunch/diner, but in these festive periods everybody had the same plan as ours; so the restaurant was crowded; and a crowded restaurant in France means moody waiters and lousy service (I know you’re going to say that the service is always not so good, but in time of crisis it gets worst). The conclusion is that we had to wait 30 minutes for someone to come take our order, another 30 minutes for our appetizers, another 30 minutes for our main dish and another 30 minutes for our deserts. Did you do the count? Yes that’s it! We left the restaurant at 7h15!!! Paying the bill took only 15 minutes because we did it directly at the cashier’s; or else we would have still been there now maybe 😛

Let’s just hope that the shops are open tomorrow so that I can go get it. Do you think the French understood the importance of opening on Sundays especially in this period? You’ll have to come back and read tomorrow to find out 🙂

In the mean time I will leave you with pictures of the decoration in Croix. What do you think? Personally I think it’s a little poor.

See you tomorrow!

One Response to “Saturday December 10th, 2011”
  1. rich s says:

    you are correct .. i have better decorations in my front room and ironically there doesnt seem to be one cross neither .. i think that they’ve missed an opportunity.

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