Wednesday January 11th, 2012

Wednesday is the day new movies are out in theaters in France.

As I told you before, most of the movies are shown in French (actually when I talked about this before I said all of them, but I was new in the country then and I didn’t know much :P); but one thing is certain: all of the movies have French titles.

All of them? No sorry. For some reason (known only to the translator of the movie and the committee that accepts this translation (there must be a committee, there always is)), some titles are in English. Don’t go think that it’s the same unchanged title! Please! The guy is getting paid to do the job, he will do it whatever it takes (even if it means find a silly name for a movie :P)

Like for example, do you remember the movie “Hangover”, it was out 2 years ago, and last year they did a second one? Well in France the guy changed the name to “Very bad trip”. WHY????

Another example is a movie that was out recently, in English it’s “New year’s Eve”; here in France it was named “Happy New Year”. Again, WHY???? Couldn’t the guy call it “Bonne Année” while he’s at it? Or just keep the name as it is if he wants something different from the rest of the movies out there?!

Do you know any other funny movie names? I’m sure we can make a very long list of those.

On another end, don’t you miss my cooking pictures? I sure did miss cooking when I was in Lebanon J Here you go, yesterday’s lunch: Chicken and Potato.

Light Chicken and Potato (replace the mayo with yogurt and don't put oil)

See you tomorrow!

7 Responses to “Wednesday January 11th, 2012”
  1. tania says:

    He wanted to wish the french people Happy New Year:P

  2. Magnesium says:

    A real mystery those french english names for movies, french people do not understand the change when it is in english!

    • :-/ says:

      That’s deep… But didn’t understand the tric!
      Are frenchies not aware that the movie title changed or do they pretend that the change might suit them to Americanize the way they do things?

  3. Magnésium says:

    Maybe for example “hangover” is too technical as a word where as “very bad trip” is very easy to understand by non-english speaker.

    Same for “New year’s eve” non-english speakers might think about Eve as in “Adam & Eve” while “Happy new year” is simple and non-ambiguous.

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