Thursday January 12th, 2012

There’s a new Mobile operator in France; it’s an internet operator that decided to enter the court and play with the big people. The fun part is that this guy is playing tough: his prices are cut off by half, if not by more.

The ad said that the offer is only for the first million adherents; the limit was reached in the first hour or so!

Apparently France has the highest mobile phone rates in all of Europe, so anyone who offers lower rates is more than welcome. In average, the French pay 0.15 euros per minute of call. And I thought that communication in Lebanon is much more expansive, it turned out that it’s not really true: we only pay 0.11$ per minute. Not bad! The difference is that the offers they give you with your prepaid or postpaid packages are much more interesting that what is provided in Lebanon, so eventually you end up paying the whole package much more than what the French people pay (and this is bad :S)

I wish we could have a new operator in Lebanon that would come and break all records of prices 😦

I will stop dreaming now, and show you the real meal we cooked today: Chinese meat (I know it looks more like Mexican Fajita, but the taste is chinese with soy sauce and sesame oil) with rice.

See you tomorrow!



2 Responses to “Thursday January 12th, 2012”
  1. Magnésium says:

    Am not sure that such offer exists anywhere else in the world

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