Friday January 13th, 2012

These French don’t know how to do politics; it’s not meant for them. They should just keep on doing wine and cheese; they’re better in these areas.

Why am I saying this? I will explain.

Yesterday Sarkozy was in Lille (for something I don’t know what, it’s not important for us now). Before he left he had an encounter with the Mayor, which is also the president of the Social Party, the president’s biggest competitor for this year’s elections. It was just an encounter with words, nothing else. The mayor asked the president to tell his party not to say bad words about hers, and the president repeated the same thing for here, and that was it! I felt I was watching kindergarten kids fighting: “You shut up!”, “no you shut up!” Pathetic.

Let’s imagine the same situation in Lebanon. The mayor would have told the president: “Listen you @#@!$#@$@#$, son of @#@#$@%@, tell you partisans not to say anything bad about my party”. And the president would have punched the mayor, and the fight would have started!

This is real politics! These are real politicians! After all if people are voting for them it’s for a reason: if there isn’t anything to talk about on the news, a small fight to spice up the day won’t harm anybody!

You’re going to tell me: “But this is the President of the Republic! Of course he’s not going to punch anybody!” I will tell you: “Why not?” Is there any rule to prevent the president from touching anybody? 😛 in Lebanon they do it all the time 😛

I guess this is why we’re still a Third World Country 😛

This is a picture I took in Paris the last time we were there; I think it illustrates today's subject well, don't you think? 😛

See you tomorrow!


4 Responses to “Friday January 13th, 2012”
  1. Magnésium says:

    Sarkozy said once “casse toi pauvre con” it was a #@!$#@$@#$, son of @#@#$@%@, no?

  2. the sister says:

    Wao! Great picture and great choice for the subject you’re talking about!

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