Thursday January 19th, 2012

Do you remember when I talked about weirdly translated movie titles (if you don’t remember you can go back here and read about it :P)?

I found out yesterday that French can also translate their French expressions into English and use them as such. Actually I have heard of only one such expression, so if you have other examples I would love if you share them with me (I’m sure the other readers would love to know about them as well).

The expression I’m talking about is “finger in the nose”. What does it mean? This is a pure translation of the French expression “doigt dans le nez”, which is used when one wants to talk about something that is very easily done (where this expression is coming from will be left to your wide imagination :))

But the true question is: why the translation? I’m sure even the French don’t know why they use it in the language of their enemies across the Channel, and not in their native language. Again, if you have an answer to this question, the readers and I would love to hear it (or read it).

On another note, today’s lunch was not very successful: it was a pie with sweet chicken and onion (a recipe I got from a book). We didn’t like it that much because it was like eating a cake but with chicken and onion. I’m sure we won’t be trying that one again anytime soon 😛

See you tomorrow!


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