Monday January 23rd, 2012

Why do French don’t work out their brains too much?

Is it because everything is made up so simple for them with signs and detailed explanations that they got used to not think anymore, or is it because they don’t think at all that everything has to be explained to them with signs and detailed explanations? I think this is an eternal dilemma, just like the question of who came first to this world, the egg or the chicken 😛

Take a look at this picture taken today in Croix and you will understand what I mean:

Street sign that says "No marks on the ground"

There was some work done on this street a while ago, so the big white lines that identify the pedestrian restricted area were removed and they are still not painted yet; thus the sign on the road. But isn’t the pedestrian light across the street enough to show people where they should walk? Do they have to add a sign that, in reality, and in my humble opinion, means “there are no lines, but this is where you should be crossing the street and nowhere else”? And besides, why do they have to precise there are no marks on the floor? It’s obvious, isn’t it?

What would have happened if this big yellow thing was missing? Would have people got lost? “Oh mon Dieu! Where will I cross from now? I have got to go to the other side! Help!” I’m sure they wouldn’t; unless, as I mention before, they are so much used to seeing all the instructions everywhere that they got to a point where they don’t know how to think for themselves anymore. In this case the country would be in a bad position, don’t you think?

See you tomorrow!


4 Responses to “Monday January 23rd, 2012”
  1. tania says:

    il est ou magnesium??? Moi je me tais:P

  2. :-) says:

    si les personnes habituees a emprunter ce chemin remarquent qu’il n’y a plus un marquage au sol, et qu’il y avait des restrictions de prioirite avec le marquage, elles seront plus vigilente avec une enseigne pareil.
    du coup, pour les personnes qui sont habituees a emprunter des chemins sans marquage savent que la priorite est a droite, et ca, au niveau de n’importe quelle intersection.

    d’ou l’importance des panneaux de signalisations 😉

    bonne journee.

    • Magnésium says:

      Plutot d’accord avec 🙂

      Quand on change la facon de faire il faut expliquer pr ne pas dérouter les gens

      Les usagers de la route ne sont pas sensés “réfléchir” pour circuler ils sont sensés connaitre et appliquer à la lettre le code de la route car on ne badine pas avec la sécurité.


    • Donc tu veux dire que l’enseigne c’est pour les voitures et pas pour les pietons?
      Silly me in this case, I need full explanation for everything 🙂

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