Tuesday January 31st, 2012

Did I tell you it’s cold?

After 2 months of wait, winter is finally here! And it heavily imposed itself: half of France is all white. Of course you’ve guessed that our department isn’t part of this half 😦

But anyway we’re really cold now; the heater is working full power in the entire house. I went out this afternoon to get some things, and it was as if the wind was trying to get through my skin pores to enter to a warmer area! No need to visit Moscow anymore, it came to us by itself (on the new they’re saying this is where the storm came from); I could feel the wind whispering to my ears in Russian 😛

Nothing better than a big portion of carbs to keep us warm 🙂

Penne with spinach, mushrooms and cherry tomatos in a white sauce

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Tuesday January 31st, 2012”
  1. tania says:

    ca a lair bon… chez ns ca vient du pole nord ca ne finit passsss

  2. Magnésium says:

    Great dish picture!
    Tania: Santa do not exist

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