Thursday February 2nd, 2012

Today is the celebration of “La Chandeleur” in France.

What is it? In English it’s called the Candlemas day, or in America it’s called the Groundhog day.

What does it mean? In the Christian religion, this is the day when Jesus was first presented to the temple after 40 days of his birth. Christians light candle as a celebration of this day because in the old days they used to light torches in the temple; thus the name (“chandelier” in French is candlestick).

Since France is now a secular country, this day is just called “La fête de la crêpe” (the feast of crepes). Why crepes? Well because in the old days, since we’re in February and winter is coming to an end, people used to bake what’s left of their wheat to make crepes, and since then people got used to eating this dish on this day, and thus the secular transformation was to just celebrate French pancakes on this day and remove the religious meaning. It seems it’s a very big deal (at least from the commercial point of view, as always)! For two weeks now on TV it’s all about ads for crepes, chocolate spread, jam, etc… and when you go to the stores also it’s all about promotions on crepes and its accessories! These French really like to eat, don’t they?

Because we’re trying to get involved as much as possible in the French culture (and because we’re big babies and like to eat good things :P) we had crepes for dinner tonight! Our diet might not allow it, but who can resist the smell and the big bowl of chocolate cream? 😀 I think I found my favorite French tradition 😛

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Thursday February 2nd, 2012”
  1. tania says:

    oh they wont have another one in March???

  2. Magnésium says:

    great post

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