Tuesday February 7th, 2012

In this season of very cold weather and flu everywhere we go, I have decided to tell you about a very bad habit with the French.

Francois is sick, so he was taking with him a box of paper handkerchiefs to the office; I told him what for, don’t you have paper tissues in the office? He said no! Nobody believes in them; people in France use tissue handkerchief!

You know these white or with red square pattern tissues that French men put in their pockets; they use them to blow their nose, to clean their glasses, to wipe their face with, etc… For me these are the synonym of disgusting! Can you imagine having the flu, and using ONE single tissue the whole day (maybe the whole week also I don’t know)?

I’m sorry I disgusted you but I need to understand the purpose of these small things; is it to save the environment by using less paper? Do people think about the environment before they think of their personal hygiene? If you have the answer to this enigma please make sure you share it with me!

On another not so revolting note, this is a picture of today’s lunch (it was delicious actually).

See you tomorrow!

4 Responses to “Tuesday February 7th, 2012”
  1. Magnésium says:

    Great picture!

    • tania says:

      Magnesium that is a quantitative reply:P
      Sandra, the environment helps your personal hygiene, they r both connected, so if they can do it to save the environment good for them and for us:) Although i dont know how they do it, since i could use a whole box of tissues myself if am sick, maybe it’s good to do a research:)
      Kisses to all….
      PS: A special reply for magnesium

  2. The stranger in the park says:

    uhhhh, around me people use paper handkerchiefs !!!!!

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