Sunday February 19th, 2012

Have you ever been robbed in France?

You go to the police station (called “Hotel de Police” when it’s the initial station, maybe to make people feel more comfortable), and the first thing they ask is how you are and if you’re feeling fine; there is even a shrink that you can visit without an appointment to assist you get over the tragedy.

And then when you call the bank or the phone company (depending on what was stolen), again the first thing they ask you is “Are you ok, did you get hurt?” In the case of the bank, if you want to stop your credit card for example, they won’t do anything until you reply to all the personal questions to make sure it is really you.

Have you ever been robbed in Lebanon?

The police station is the filthiest place you will probably ever see in your life. The policemen will ask you how you are and if you didn’t get hurt, but the kindness will stop here. Later on it can get to a point where they will speak to you in a tone as if you are the robber yourself.

When you call the bank to cancel your credit card, they won’t care if you’re fine or not, they just want to know why you’re cancelling the card to make sure you’re not going to a competitor. They will not ask you any personal question, you can just give them the bank account number and they will cancel the card immediately. You can for example do a prick for you friend, call his bank and cancel all his credit card without a problem! How weird is that?! How long will such an unsecure bank system survive? I wonder…

I do not have a pic for today, it was a quiet Sunday at home (as usual).

See you tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Sunday February 19th, 2012”
  1. Magnésium says:

    In the police stations in Lebanon or other under development countries the first thing they do is blaming you on what happened… Something like “haven’t you been taught that this neighborhood is dangeroous”? ” how come you have put all your things in one bag?” 🙂

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