Monday February 20th, 2012

When you’re visiting a country, have you ever visited the back side of the country? You know when you leave the center of the capital with all its beautiful buildings, its architecture worthy of a post card, and its rich and happy citizens, and go visit the part of the city with its big buildings, low rent and poor and angry citizens.

Not everybody likes to do it, and especially not everybody dares to do it (especially not me :P). But if you really want to understand the country and get into all the aspects of the culture you have to see all the sides of everything and get into all the details.

This is why Francois and I did got to the other side of Lille on Sunday (I wasn’t scared when I was walking with my husband next to me :P), but I will not show you in pictures what we saw (you will have to come see for yourself :P); I will show you only what I liked the most.

In the black round is written "Street is Watching"

See you tomorrow!

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