Sunday February 26th, 2012

People usually think that in “democratic countries” (i.e. the countries that have more money than others and that have more power over smaller countries) corruption does not exist, everybody is treated the same way, there is no distinction between the civilians and the people in the power.

But the truth is totally different.

For example, two days ago in France there was the verdict of three policemen that, in 2008, have “accidentally” killed an arab young guy while bringing him to the police station for questioning. They beat the guy to be able to catch him, and he died in the car on the way to the station. What did the policemen get? One got 18 months, the other 24 and the third one 6 months!!! These are policemen, they should give the example, and apparently the example to take is: you can beat a guy to death in France and you won’t be caught for long.

But it seems that this special treatment is only reserved for important people: a few days before, also in France, they were talking about another story on TV: a guy “accidentally” killed his step mom and he got 3 years for it!!

So if you think that democracy = justice, you should start to change your mind; these are two terms that don’t go together 😛

On another hand, today I have exceeded myself in my culinary skills: I cooked a rabbit!! It was a recipe I saw on TV and decided to try it on a Sunday because it needs a lot of time to be prepared. I can assure you it was a success and I will definitely do it another time 🙂

Rabbit with beer and speculoos sauce and potatoes on the side

See you tomorrow!

4 Responses to “Sunday February 26th, 2012”
  1. Magnésium says:

    Can’t give my opinion on that, am no judge but two things are sure:
    I don’t agree with your interpreation and I love your dishe

  2. tania says:

    I love the dish tooooooo!!!! And injustice is everywhere in the world, that is true!!!

  3. The stranger in the park says:

    Yiiiiiiii I saw that dish on TV too!!!! Yummy i LOVE speculoos!!! :-))))

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