Monday March 5th, 2012

This is how we woke up this morning:

We woke up everything was already white, and it was still snowing heavily; it didn’t stop all morning.

This is how it was in the afternoon before the night came:

It rained so much that the snow almost melted.
Half the news was about the crazy weather in Lille and the North today:
– between the snow and the rain, we got water as much as we usually get for 1 month of rain
– because of the amount of water, electricity was cut off in a lot of regions in the north (I’m glad it wasn’t in ours because regarding electricity outage we’ve had our share when we were in Lebanon :P)
– because of the amount of water also, trains between Lille and the rest of the world was affected (some people had to wait for 4 hours, and others had to go back home or stay in a hotel and wait for the second day).

I guess I was so jealous from my friends in Lebanon all putting pictures of white Lebanon on Facebook that my wish came true 😛 So today’s blog is dedicated to all of you fed up of the snow in Lebanon: look, I had my share too 😛

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Monday March 5th, 2012”
  1. the sister says:

    Wao… Lucky you! Beautiful pictures….

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