Thursday March 15th, 2012

I know I talked about this before, but one time is not enough to talk about this subject: I think that the French post office is the worst in the whole world.

How long have I been living here? 7 months? And during this period not once have I received my letters or my packages without fuss, several phone calls, stress and irritation! I have been waiting for a new card from the bank for three weeks now, and it still did not arrive! How hard can it be? And the funniest part is that each month we receive the bank statement on this same address! It’s not like we’re living in the desert! I think if I went by foot to Paris and taken the card myself I would have received it faster than this wait. Or maybe the post man is coming on foot from Paris or even on bike as they do it here in France.

And to complete the whole thing, I receive another call today from a company related to the bank, asking about the quality of the call I had two weeks ago “was it satisfactory? Did the operator answer your questions?” Who cares about the quality of the call if my problem isn’t fixed yet???

Nothing better than a big glass of beer to make me relax and forget my concerns.

See you tomorrow!

5 Responses to “Thursday March 15th, 2012”
  1. Magnésium says:

    I don’t agree.
    French post is the best.
    Suggestion is that you go to the post office closest to his home, ask to meet its director and expose this recurrent problem.
    It is probably due to a human error that is confusing for some reason your address.
    But in any way it does not mean that french postal services are the worst in the world.
    : )

    • Based on what are you saying that they are the best? You should give some evidence.

      The other problem with the services in France is that you always have to complain, you always have to go to the director or the person in charge and expose the problem. Why do I need to do that (even though I did it two times already and about to do it a third time)? Why can’t everything be done without fuss?

  2. TheFriend aka TheColleague says:

    Well, just to demystify a bit the problem and localize it instead of generalizing it to the whole French territory ….
    Your mail is received at either of 2 addresses : (1) a mail box that has 25 different names on it, or (2) an address with a street name that doesn’t fit on one page. :P:P

    • In both cases you are wrong because I receive mail on both of these addresses.

      Besides, if there is a problem with the address, shouldn’t I be notified? Is it normal to keep waiting for something for 3 weeks and not know the reason why you’re not getting it?

      • TheFriend aka TheColleague says:

        The fact that you receive some of your mail but not others indicates that the problem comes from the sender, not from the postal service. Another good occasion for the old phrase: “don’t shoot the messenger”. 😉

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