Tuesday March 20th, 2012

While we were running to catch our train to Lille last night, the station, “Gare du Nord”, was full with journalists and security guards, all the passengers had cameras and were taking pictures of the person surrounded by this crowd. Of course we were busy looking for our train so we couldn’t stop and look who was the celebrity just arriving to Paris.

I went online this morning to see who is this mysterious person that we missed, and who do you think it was? The american singer Katy Perry! It seems she has a concert in Paris today, so she arrived the night before to the city. I’m not a big fan, but it would’ve been nice to  probably tell my kids, some day: “I saw Katy Perry in person, she was one meter away from me!” (considering that she will still be singing when I’ll have kids and they will be big enough to understand what I’m talking about :P); and also take a picture of the blue-hair’d lady and show it to you 🙂

Instead I will show you a picture of tonight’s diner 🙂

Cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil and garlic bruschetta

See you tomorrow!

5 Responses to “Tuesday March 20th, 2012”
  1. Magnésium says:

    Don’t know Katy Perry but this bruschetta looks great!

  2. tania says:

    Magnesium you are starting to write comments like me:P

    • Magnésium says:

      Not really at least I mention in a way the content of the blog and take the best of it: the pciture in this case!

  3. The stranger in the park says:

    Are you on a diet? 🙂

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