Thursday April 5th, 2012

I was really busy during the last week so I could not talk to you. What have you missed during this period? Not much let me assure you.

First of all we’re back to winter weather: it’s cold, gloomy and raining.
Second I’m still waiting for my package to come by mail; it’s been 5 weeks now, 6 phone calls and 5 emails.
Third I have crossed the 50 likes and 5000 hits! Yey! Not too soon after almost 8 months of starting this blog, but that will teach me to write more often. I have also discovered that the blogs with cooking pictures are the ones you like the most; I will try to write more of these from now on.

Until our next meeting, I will leave you with this beautiful picture (well at least I think so :P); it’s not today’s meal, I did not cook today, but it’s just a small homage to this weather that came for only 1 week and disappeared 😦

See you tomorrow!

One Response to “Thursday April 5th, 2012”
  1. Magnésium says:

    it is known that Lebanese are good in two things: war & food, so since you don’t know much about war, readers has confirmed that your remaining added value is food :). We still hope for rare Lebanese dishes pictures 🙂

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