Monday April 16th, 2012

What a sportive week end it was in Lille and for Lille!

First on Saturday there was a new edition of “Nocturne“, a 10km walk by night (thus the name) that starts from Tourcoing at 9pm and ends up in Lille with a free concert for everybody (Sean Paul was invited this year, I didn’t know this  guy still sings :P).

The second big event is that the Lille team won, for the second consecutive year, the french universities national Prison Ball tournament!

Just in case you do not remember, prison ball is that game we used to play at school during breaks, or during sports sessions when the teacher did not feel like giving us any class for the day; someone in France came up with the idea of making this a national tournament! Even though I used to suck at this game (I used to suck at everything that required physical effort as a matter of facts), but I liked the idea a lot; and I think they should do it in Lebanon also, it will give the university students something other than politics to worry about 😛

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of any of the events, so I took one from the website.

See you tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Monday April 16th, 2012”
  1. Magnésium says:

    What is the prison game?

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