Sunday April 22nd, 2012

What a day! Or should I say, what a day it was supposed to be, but it wasn’t.

Today was the first round of the French Presidential elections; as expected, the two favorites Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy were  elected for the second round.

In Lebanon when there are elections, this is the subject they talk about on TV all day; each channel sends its representatives to cover the event from different areas in the country, in order to try an come up with preliminary predictions and statistics about the voting  abstention rates, and other elections related info.

In France it was a normal day on TV and in the streets; only after 6pm, when the first voting offices started closing, did the channels start talking about the elections. Anyway the results were no big surprise, and the whole event did not need preliminary predictions coverage during the course of the day, because ever since the beginning of the year (if not before), the statistics companies had started drawing polls around the French’s preferences, and the results came 90% as expected. And now that today’s results are almost official, the stats companies have started predicting the final results in two weeks!! Where is the fun if we know ahead who’s going to win? Let’s just avoid the fuss and go directly and congratulate the “virtually” elected president! I remember after the elections in 2007 on the news they were saying that the big winner are the stats companies thanks to the perfect predictions they provided before the elections. We have seen that this year, so far, their numbers were also good; so if they continue like this, we can say that we know, two weeks ahead, who the next French president is going to be!

I think the French are so afraid of the future and do not like surprises that they prefer to speculate up front and stay prepared for anything. It doesn’t seem to be working for them except for the presidential elections; do you agree?

The two candidates going to the second round of the French presidential elections (

See you tomorrow!

6 Responses to “Sunday April 22nd, 2012”
  1. DilAvek says:

    I think that in the west the media have more control over the masses and so can predict how almost everybody will think / vote, life is slightly more unpredictable in less developed countries.

  2. Magnésium says:

    Elections showed that avg french are lagging behind intellectually, such democracy is not a good system in these conditions.
    My own perception is that no candidate or voter should speak about left/right before a country is healthy and not loosing money each year.
    Only when a country has a positive balance it has the right to think left/right, otherwise left/right theory is used only as a marketing pitch.

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