Friday May 18th, 2012

Have you ever thought about how movies reflect a country’s fears and dreams? One just needs to watch a few movies before going to a country and he can understand how the people in there will behave:P I will give you a few examples.

Lebanese movies are all about war, death, destruction, bad memories, etc… Why is this? Because Lebanese war is so much embedded in our minds that it is all we can think of; and also because it’s a way to show the future generations what they should be avoiding.

American movies are all about heroes, saviors, super technologies, aliens, universe, etc… Why is this? Because Americans are always scared of the unknown, they just want to reassure themselves that no matter what happens, there will always be a hero out there to save the day(without spoiling his hair style of course :P).

What do you think French movies are about? If you had to think about it for a second, what would you find? I will tell you: French movies are all about misery, poor people, death (but this time from disease not from war), social injustice, etc… Why is that? You know of course that the French participated in the first charter of human rights written by the UN, and ever since they think that they are the ultimate defender of the idea in the World. For example they felt guilty that they did a war on Algeria and so they brought in to they land all (and even more) the Algerians they could handle (what’s next? bringing in the Afghans and Libyans?) Anther example is that they have one of the highest unemployment allowance in Europe (poor guy, he’s not working anymore, we should give him some money). And I can go on and on with examples where the French feel socially involved. And where all of this frustration and helpless-feeling go? In the movies of course! So if you ever feel like adding some drama into your life, no need to go watch The Bold and the Beautiful, or one of these Mexican soap operas with million episodes; just pick a French movie and you’ll get your drama dose for the year 😛

Don’t get me wrong, I love all these types of movies, and the themes I talked about before are not always true: Lebanese can talk about something other than war, and French have very funny movies, but in general this is what we will see in theaters.

Have you ever thought if I did a movie what it will be like? I will make it easy for you: it will be about us eating this wonderful spinach tart that Francois prepared 😀 (coming soon to a theater near you :P)

Spinach and goat cheese tart

See you tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Friday May 18th, 2012”
  1. DilAvek says:

    I think la haine is one of the best movies ever made so agree with what you have said about french movies but the audrey tautou has made a career out of slightly different styles of french films, non?

    • I agree with you on both La Haine being a great movie and Audrey Tautou with her different style of movies.
      It’s true that what I talked about is not a rule, even Lebanon has a lot of great movies that don’t talk about war; but in general, this is how things are.

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