Sunday May 27th, 2012

Tomorrow is the Pentecost; it’s another one of those religious holidays celebrated in the secular country that is France.

On this occasion, the city of Croix organizes each year, during the week end that comes before the holiday, a funfair. They close the road that takes to the center place, and start putting things up since Friday morning. Even the market that takes place each Saturday on this same place is moved to another one to keep the coast clear for the funfair.

We passed by at midnight, and there were still people there, even some kids (as you can see in the pics). Of course it wasn’t too much crowded (we should have tried to come back the next day while there was still light but we didn’t get the chance), but even like this it was the most we see people in Croix at night 🙂

Last time I went to one of those events I was probably 9 or 10; so it was nice seeing it again from another perspective. Like for example the colorful candies you used to envy when you were a child, and your mum would refuse to buy them for you giving you pretexts like “it’s bad for your teeth”, or “I didn’t bring my wallet”, when you look at them now you say to yourself “am I glad mum forgot her wallet at home back then” 😛

But anyway it’s a nice event; it’s a good occasion for today’s kids to leave their video games and get out of the house for a while 🙂

See you tomorrow!


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