Monday May 28th, 2012

I know I said before that I won’t be writing about bad things concerning France and the French anymore before I leave, but I cannot got without talking about this subject: the French humor.

We have all seen French comedies, and a lot of them are really nice, so I cannot say that I don’t understand it; but one thing is sure: it’s not always as direct and clear as one would think.

Look at this ad for example: 

This is an ad for a big cinemas company. Each time we go there (and we do go there a lot), this ad goes on before the film starts; and each time, people laugh! Can anyone please explain it to me? I never understood it! As I said, we have seen it several times, and I promise that each time I try, but I never understand where is the joke 😦 I hope you can help me because it is really frustrating, how come they laugh and not me?! 😦

See you tomorrow!

5 Responses to “Monday May 28th, 2012”
  1. Oster's Mom says:

    It seems like the actors are taking cues from the film crew, which of whom have serious facial expressions. I don’t know why else it could be so funny.

  2. Magnésium says:

    it is funny trying to show all possible emotions on same face and it is funny also as said by oster’s mom when movie crew try to replicate actor’s performance!
    try to do the expressions in real time when you see the ad 🙂

  3. tania says:

    Sorry, je pe pas t’aider:)

  4. :-) :-( ;-) ;-( :'-( :'-) ;'-( says:

    trying to show all emotions in one scene is spectacular and amazing, but it’s none-sense if it is shown in a real movie scene, it will reflect a sort of incoherence. sad, happy, remorseful etc…
    whereas, since it’s an ad. they tried having every single emotion you could possibly have in movies in one single movie scene.
    the funny part is the male character trying to follow her… in vain!
    another funny part, is the effort made by all the crew members, in the final shot of the ad!

  5. I’m glad to see that it’s complicated for other people to understand this ad; makes me feel less dumb 😛
    With all your explanations, I’m sorry but I still don’t think it’s funny :S

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