Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Too many nice things happened for Lebanon and Lebanese living in France today.

First of all, the French-Lebanese writer Amine Maalouf will be entering the French Academy tomorrow. If you don’t know what this is, this is one of the most prestigious cultural associations in France; it has 40 members only (they are called “Les Immortels” (the immortals)), and their role is to preserve the French language mainly by issuing a dictionary with the existing words (so any word that is not in this dictionary is not actual French). You can read more about this here. It is a great honor for Lebanon, that this writer will be part of  such an important association abroad.

The writer Amine Maalouf, picture taken from the very nice article written about him in the Lebanese newspaper L’Orient Le Jour

Second of all, the French-Lebanese blog Experience Life in France was nominated to the “One Lovely blog” Award! Yeyy for me! But the details on this one will have to wait till tomorrow, I’m too tired now to think about all the things I should be nominating when accepting the award. So stay tuned!

See you tomorrow!

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