Monday June 25th, 2012

According to a statistics done in France in October 2011 by the company TNS Sofres, the French’s favorite dish is “Magret de Canard”; comes in second position Mussels and fries, and in the third position….couscous!!

Since we’ve already tried the first and the second dish (after all they are national french dishes, we can’t come to the country without trying them), we decided yesterday Sunday to try the third one (at least I decided to try it, Francois has had couscous before). So we went to a Moroccan restaurant in Lille.

Couscous, with the sauce and vegetables

Even though the restaurant was amazing, I have to admit that couscous won’t be one of my favorite dishes, and I will have to agree with the French on this: I think magret de canard is a heavenly meal 🙂

I guess we can leave France in peace now, we have tried almost all the regional dishes (I will put the names in French because I think they are more known with these names):

  • From the North: mussels and fries, welsh (some sort of bread with cheese and egg), fricadelle (special sausage)
  • From the East: choucroute, Flamenkuche
  • From the West: sea food

I think this is all we tried, I’m not sure if I missed something in my list. Do you think we missed something? If you do please drop me a note, we’ll try it next time we come for a visit 🙂

See you tomorrow!

6 Responses to “Monday June 25th, 2012”
  1. tania says:

    Sahtein!!!!!! I missed the top 3:P but loved all that comes after lol
    Yalla come to eat the top of Lebanese fooddddddd and Arakkkkkkkk!!! Cheerssss

  2. Magnesium says:

    oulala you missed tons!

  3. Def recommend Carbonade à la flamande – a wonderful Flemish beef stew. It uses slices of beef already charcoal-grilled, then cooked with onions in strong local beer or Andouillettes – small sausages made from chitterlings [offal] and served with chips or mashed potato. Speciality of Arras – the food in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region is fab – in fact I might even write about it very soon! I’m with you on the couscous and the duck!

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