Wednesday January 25th, 2012

I think I’m becoming French. Why am I saying this you will ask? Well it’s simple. French people’s main concern is the weather: will it be sunny, will it rain, etc… They are so concerned about it that they have the night weather news once before the news and a second time after the news; … Continue reading

Monday January 16th, 2012

It’s cold outside! Winter is finally here; it took its time, but eventually it found the way. The Weather Channel was also predicting a bit of snow this week end. For once the sight of snow on the website didn’t please me because we’re going to Paris by car, so it won’t be the best … Continue reading

Wednesday January 11th, 2012

Wednesday is the day new movies are out in theaters in France. As I told you before, most of the movies are shown in French (actually when I talked about this before I said all of them, but I was new in the country then and I didn’t know much :P); but one thing is … Continue reading

Friday December 9th, 2011

When your friends travel abroad for work or study or whatever, you have to be ready for them when they come home for vacation. You have to make sure to see all of them, even if they’re all coming in the week between Christmas and the New Year’s holiday, and you have to make sure … Continue reading

Friday December 2nd, 2011

When we first knew we were coming to France, we decided to plan weekends all over France and Europe. Since the boundary between countries is now obsolete, we thought should take this advantage we have and try to visit as many areas as possible. So far this hasn’t happened yet; we had 1 day in … Continue reading

Monday November 28th, 2011

When you’re at home, cold, just finished work and you’re bored with nothing to do, plus your husband has been working a lot lately and you want to please him with something, what do you do? Try to bake cake for the first time! 😛 Yes I know I burned them a bit, but what … Continue reading

Wednesday November 23rd, 2011

Have you ever noticed the cultural melting pot we’re living in nowadays? I already spoke about this on Sunday when I talked to you about our week end in Paris, but I can talk about this everyday because there are a lot of topics on the subject. Part of the cultural internationalization, is the mix … Continue reading

Friday November 18th, 2011

I’m sorry I did not write to you yesterday, I was busy preparing today’s lunch 🙂 This made me notice that I didn’t show you any of this week’s dishes. So here you go… for your eyes only …unfortunately for you 😛 Usually I’m a person who likes cold, rain, and everything related to winter. … Continue reading

Monday November 14th, 2011

I am so happy: It seems a lot of you liked the new layout because today I got more readers than ever before 😀 I hope you will keep reading and invite your friends to do it 🙂 I know you miss it, it’s been a while you haven’t seen my cooking pictures. So today … Continue reading

Wednesday November 9th, 2011

Debts, debts, debts. This is all they talk about on the news lately: the French debt and the new budget plan the prime minister announced on Monday. After what’s happening in Greece, all the European countries are scared the same thing will happen to them some day. So they’re all trying to improve their situation. … Continue reading