Sunday June 17th, 2012

I had a very interesting chat with our building custodian the other day. It turned out this guy has been working in the building since 1985, and has been at this job for 40 years now (he worked in another city before). With his salary, he was able to buy a small apartment in our … Continue reading

Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Too many nice things happened for Lebanon and Lebanese living in France today. First of all, the French-Lebanese writer Amine Maalouf will be entering the French Academy tomorrow. If you don’t know what this is, this is one of the most prestigious cultural associations in France; it has 40 members only (they are called “Les … Continue reading

Wednesday May 23rd, 2012

Have you ever noticed how people become happier and nicer when it’s sunny? Or maybe it’s just me 😛 Less than a month and a half before we leave…in 36 days we will leave this nice country and go back to Lebanon. Will I miss it? Of course I will; I’m even starting to prepare … Continue reading

Friday May 18th, 2012

Have you ever thought about how movies reflect a country’s fears and dreams? One just needs to watch a few movies before going to a country and he can understand how the people in there will behave:P I will give you a few examples. Lebanese movies are all about war, death, destruction, bad memories, etc… … Continue reading

Thursday April 26th, 2012

There was a strike of the public buses’ drivers in Lebanon today. The funny part is that it wasn’t really noticed in the country; since not a lot of people use the public transportation, with or without it won’t affect the working class much. There was a strike of the public transportation in Lille a … Continue reading

Thursday April 12th, 2012

As time passes by, and the date of our departure gets closer, we’re living an inner dilemma: do we say good bye to the new tastes we’ve started to get used to by having them everyday, or do we start getting back into the old tastes and smells we’ve had since we were kids? One … Continue reading

Friday April 6th, 2012

This week end is Easter week end; we’re going to spend it in Normandie, so expect another three days of break from me, and then another rush of pictures when we return 🙂 On Easter Sunday, one of the traditions in Lebanon is to play a little game with eggs called “Egg tapping“. The principle … Continue reading

Friday March 30th, 2012

When you’re living in a foreign country, it’s very important not to be nostalgic. Constantly living in the same culture and background that you were living in before will keep you attached to your home country, keep you missing it more day after day, and eventually probably fall into depression (at least I know this … Continue reading

Thursday March 29th, 2012

In Lebanon we do not have presidential elections, we only have deputies elections, and then they will elect the ministers that will, in their turn, elect the president. In France they do have presidential elections, and they are taking place in April and May of this year. How do we choose which deputy to vote … Continue reading

Friday March 9th, 2012

(Exceptionally for the coming days I will be writing the blogs with a few delays; we had some friends visiting and was not able to write everything in due time). Today is the Teacher’s day in Lebanon, and as weird as it sounds, this day does not exist in France! I used to think that … Continue reading