Monday March 5th, 2012

This is how we woke up this morning: We woke up everything was already white, and it was still snowing heavily; it didn’t stop all morning. This is how it was in the afternoon before the night came: It rained so much that the snow almost melted. Half the news was about the crazy weather … Continue reading

Friday February 3rd, 2012

For the second consecutive day I prove to myself (and to the world) that I am nothing but a big baby! I was working this afternoon when suddenly, I turn my head and what do I see from the window? IT WAS SNOWING!! I’ve been nagging about it ever since winter has started and it … Continue reading

Thursday December 1st, 2011

Dear snow, Please be informed that we’re ready for you now. The concierge has removed the dead branches on the trees and he has mowed the lawn. You can come and lay your white dress on clean and soft green grass, without being worried about itching because of the long leaves; these are all gone. … Continue reading