Sunday June 17th, 2012

I had a very interesting chat with our building custodian the other day. It turned out this guy has been working in the building since 1985, and has been at this job for 40 years now (he worked in another city before). With his salary, he was able to buy a small apartment in our … Continue reading

Monday September 5th, 2011

I “went” to work today. Not to an official office with people, just to the old apartment because internet is still not working in the new one (too much for the praise I gave it a week ago, eh?). But it was a nice feeling: instead of waking up and sitting on the desk in … Continue reading

Sunday September 4th, 2011

We moved. Actually Francois moved the stuff; I just packed my clothes because I had to work all day again today :(. I promise you tomorrow I will have some pictures of the new apartment ready. So in a few hours we’ll have our first night in our new bed!! Finally! I can’t wait; especially … Continue reading